Pressure-locked gratings

Apart from the use in the industrial and construction sector, Lichtgitter gratings are also increasingly used in architectural applications .

Pressure-locked gratings are manufactured from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Pressure-locked gratings are bound either with flat material, two stiffening corrugations or T-profile. On our flexible production plants, we can manufacture the most varied pressure-welded grating types.

pressroste 1
pressroste 2 pressroste 3


  • Good light and air permeability
  • Countless applications 
  • High load capacity at low weight
  • More than 3.500 different pressure-locked grating types
  • Various materials possible

All characteistics can be combined. Please contact us to check the producibility of the gratings. Our sales department is always at your disposal.

If a serration class > R10 is required, the bearing bars of the gratings can be punched on the upper side in a special process. 

Bearing bar pitch       Cross bar pitch
22,22 mm

11,11 mm
33,33 mm 16,66 mm
44,44 mm 21,00 mm
66,66 mm 22,22 mm
  33,33 mm
  44,44 mm
  66,66 mm
  100,00 mm


Bearing bar thickness       Bearing bar height 
2 mm   25 mm
3 mm 30 mm
  35 mm
  40 mm
  45 mm
  50 mm
  60 mm
  70 mm
Types of pressure-locked gratings   
PX3 330-33-3     
P Pressure-locked grating
X3 Serration No. 3
330 Bearing bar 30 x 3 mm
33 Pitch: 33,33 x 33,33 mm
3 Banding: 30 x 3 mm
rutschhemmung nr3

Serration No. 3

rutschhemmung nr22

Serration No. 22

rutschhemmung nr31

Serration No. 31 

rutschhemmung nr32

Serration No. 32

rutschhemmung nr42

Serration No. 42

More serration types on request


Threaded bolt fixing B 433T


Welded bolt fixing B533K


Clamp upper part XOK 133


Fixing with perforated plates B270 


Standard fixing material B133T and B133K


Hook bolt fixing B733T and B733K


Hook bolt fixing B833T and B833K


Double clamp fixing B933T and B933K


Safety hook / Fixing B11


Safety chain / Fixing B12.1


Hinge B15


Fixing material B13311K / B13311B

B333 fixing

Fixing material B333K



Pressure-locked gratings
Pressure-locked gratings
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Heavy duty gratings
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