Racking solutions with perforated metal planks

Perforated metal planks as shelves are considered the first choice specially in interaction with cantilever rackings. Through the combination of the width of the profile, thickness and height, we can enlarge the free span depending on the shelf load.   


  • briding of large spans = reduction of racking construction
  • free cross section over 70%
  • production lengths of up to 10 m
  • sprinkler suitability
  • extremely fast assembly
  • different models of surface structures
  • light and water permeability 
Material Surface Grid dimension Width Height 
Steel S235 (1,5 und 2,5 mm) untreated 125 mm 150 mm 30 mm
Steel S250 (1,5 und 2,0 mm) galvanized   200 mm 50 mm
Stainless Steel galvanized and coated    250 mm 70 mm
Aluminium pre-galvanized   300 mm 100 mm
  pickled   400 mm 125 mm
        150 mm



01 blechprofilrost typ bp on

Perforated metal plank type BP-ON

02 blechprofilrost typ bn g

Perforated metal plank type BN-G 

03 blechprofilrost typ bz gv

Perforated metal plank type BZ-GV