Full cell gratings

As decorative or functional design elements such as ceiling panels, handrail infil, sun protection, so-called full cell gratings are particularly useful, i.e. pressure-locked gratings in which all bearing bars and cross bars have the same height.

Full cell gratings are generally manufactured in a material thickness of 2 mm and 3 mm up to a maximum height of 100 mm with various mesh pitches. 

vollroste 1
vollroste 2 vollroste 3


  • same height of bearing bars and cross bars
  • Binding: two stiffening corrugations, flat material or T-profile
  • good light and air permeability
  • various materials possible
  • countless applications


All characteistics can be combined. Please contact us to check the producibility of the gratings. Our sales department is always at your disposal.

If a serration class > R10 is required, the bearing bars of the gratings can be punched on the upper side in a special process. 


Bearing bar pitch       Cross bar pitch 
20,00 mm

20,00 mm
22,22 mm 22,22 mm
25,00 mm 25,00 mm
33,33 mm 33,33 mm
40,00 mm 40,00 mm
44,44 mm 66,66 mm
50,00 mm 100,00 mm
66,66 mm  
100,00 mm  


Bearing bar thickness       Bearing bar height 
2 mm   25 mm
3 mm 30 mm
5 mm (nur in der 33,33 Teilung und vielfaches produzierbar) 40 mm
  50 mm
  60 mm
  70 mm
  80 mm
  90 mm
  100 mm
Types of full cell gratings  
P 330-33-3 Q330    
P Pressure locked gratings
330 Bearing bar 30 x 3 mm
33 Pitch: 33,33 x 33,33 mm
3 Banding: 30 x 3 mm
Q Cross bar: 30 x 3 mm



Clamp upper part XOK 133


Fixing with perforated plates B270


Standard fixing material B133T and B133K


Double clamp fixing B933T and B933K 

Pressure-locked gratings
Pressure-locked gratings
Heavy duty gratings
Heavy duty gratings
Full cell gratings
Full cell gratings