What kind of industrial flooring is right for which application? We will be happy to answer this and other, e.g. static questions in an individual training session at your location.

approx. 3 hours

Number of participants 
max. 20 persons per training

Content of training

  • Selection of suitable floor coverings
  • Dimensioning of gratings (static analysis), individual loads, distributed load capacities
  • Square single gratings and their consequences - determination of appropriate measures
  • Correct selection of fixing materials
  • Contents of an installation plan
  • The gratings in the borderline area - how do I recognise an overload?
  • Plastic deformation: what to do
  • Corrosion observations
  • When can a component failure occur?
  • Stabilisation in cut-outs done locally - what is important to observe?

Othe location-realted topics by arrangement

Target group
Our training is aimed especially at foremen, technicians, engineers who are responsible for occupational safety and health and safety at work as well as the maintenance staff.