Heavy duty gratings

When correctly dimensioned, Lichtgitter heavy duty gratings are suitable for carrying extremely high loads and are mainly used in trafficable areas.

Pressure-welded gratings are particularly suitable as a heavy-duty grating. Depending on static or dynamic loading, heavy duty gratings can be manufactured for many applications depending on the clear span. We recommend that you allow our experienced structural engineers who are familiar with the product to calculate special load cases.

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schwerlastroste 2 schwerlastroste 3


  • high load capacity 
  • good light and air permeability 
  • different pitches and bearing bar heights possible
  • additional serration on request


All characteistics can be combined. Please contact us to check the producibility of the gratings. Our sales department is always at your disposal.

If a serration class > R10 is required, the bearing bars of the gratings can be punched on the upper side in a special process.


Bearing bar pitch       Cross bar pitch 
20,00 mm

11,11 mm
25,00 mm 16,66 mm
33,33 mm 20,00 mm
40,00 mm 25,00 mm
50,00 mm 33,33 mm
  40,00 mm


Bearing bar thickness       Bearing bar height 
4 mm   30 mm
5 mm 40 mm
  50 mm
  60 mm
  70 mm
  80 mm
  90 mm
  100 mm
  110 mm
  120 mm
  130 mm
  140 mm
  150 mm
Types of heavy duty gratings  
P 570-33/11-5    
P Pressure-locked gratings
570 Bearing bar 70 x 5 mm
33/11 Pitch: 33,33 x 11,11 mm
5 Banding: 70 x 5 mm


rutschhemmung nr3

Serration No. 3

rutschhemmung nr31

Serration No. 31


More serration types on request


Fixing with perforated metal plates B270 

Pressure-locked gratings
Pressure-locked gratings
Heavy duty gratings
Heavy duty gratings
Full cell gratings
Full cell gratings