Working at Lichtgitter


More than 1,400 Lichtgitter Group employees worldwide contribute to the success of our company. They are the ones who develop ideas and innovations and implement them into marketable products. Motivated employees who identify themselves with the company, its objectives and values, are the driving force for growth. Lichtgitter offers all employees an exciting field of work and professional development opportunities in a constantly growing company.

To succeed in the long term, Lichtgitter is constantly seeking creative and dedicated employees.The company offers you nationally and internationally interesting tasks in a dynamic team.



suitcase.png Working Hours: Due to flexible working time regulations in the administration, we offer a high degree of personal responsibility and flexibility. A wide variety of shift models are used in production.
 money (2).png Collective Wages: We pay salaries and wages according IG-Metall Tarif NRW.
 graduation-cap.png Support for trainings and eduction: We help you to stay curious and support you for further trainings and eduction.
 retirement.png Company Pension: Together with the Allianz Metallrente we offer our employees an option of a good company pension and an interesting disability insurance.
 healthcare.png Health Care: We offer regular check-ups and vaccinations by our company doctor.
 work-station.png Company Health Management: We support our employees in their daily work through ergonomic advice and moving at work.