Fire-retarding covering Type BN-OF

The fire-retarding covering BN-OF was developed as an alternative to the conventional coverings. The basis is the well-known perforated metal plank type BN-O, which Lichtgitter is producing and distributing for quite some years. The advanced type BN-OF is especially suitable as a covering for the oil collecting pans beneath the transformer units. In case of fire the flames are restrained by the limited air permeability, but not stifled.

bn of produkt
bn of produkt 2 bn of produkt 3


  • better and quicker control of the collecting panShorter switch-off period of the transformer
  • shorter switch-off period of the transformer
  • optimum flow time speed of oil, tempering and rain water
  • quick possibility to remove the liquid out of the collection pan
  • in case of fire in the collecting pan this system can contain and delay 
  • serial production – short delivery times 
  • high safety level during maintenance operations
  • existing installations can be rebuild without problems
  • the covering is especially suited for locations where in case of an accident the resue service can be immediately at site

Material Steel S 235JR
Surface galvanized acc. to DIN EN ISO 1461
Plank Thickness 2,5 mm
Module R 125 mm
Production length L möglichst n x R
Widths B 150, 200, 250, 300 mm
Heights H 40, 50, 75, 100 mm
Rim tu1 ca. 10 mm
Rim tu2 ca. 20 mm