GRP-Vertical ladders

Lichtgitter GRP vertical ladder systems are particularly suitable in areas where high corrosion and chemical resistance is required. The vertical ladders are assembled from our pultruded GRP-profiles. So the systems can be individually adapted to your requirements.  

There are also back protection systems for the vertical ladders, these are usually used from a height of 3,000 mm. Exit platforms made o GRP profiles, with GRP railings and GRP gratings can also be supplied. The fixings are made of material V4A.

Lichtgitter vertical ladder systems are manufactured according to DIN EN 14122-4. According to the latest revision, only square rungs are allowed here. 

Steigleiter3 Steigleiter4


  • high resistance to chemicals and weather 
  • low weight
  • easy assembly
  • long lifetime
  • availabe in signal colours like yellow
  • electrical insulating

The DIN EN ISO 14122-4 Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery - Part 4: Fixed ladders contains requirements and guidelines for the intended use of vertical ladders.

The distance between vertical ladder and permanent obstacles has to be, measured from the front of the rung, at least:

  • 650 mm in front of the ladder or if a tube or a channel is crossing at least 600 mm
  • 200 mm behind the vertical ladder. if a tube or a channel is crossing at least 150 mm
  • vertical ladder systems longer  than 3000 mm and shorter than 10.000 mm with staggered flights shall have a maximum length of 6.000 mm per flight. The ladder has to be equipped with a safety cage. If the ladder is executed with a single fight the max. allowed flight length is 10.000 mm
  • if the ladder system is longer than 10.000 mm only (staggered) ladder flights with max. length of 6.000 mm are allowed. For exceptional cases with single ladder flights longer than 10.000 mm a guided type fall arrester has to be installed.
  • For a fall height higher than 3.000 mm a fall protection for example like an safety cage or a fall arrester has to be installed.
  • The lowest part of safety cage, e.g. the lowest hoop, shall be at a height of ≥2 200 mm and ≤3 000 mm above the departure area
  • If the entry- and exit positions are not horizontal, solid and just additional landings have to be foreseen
  • The distance between the posts shall be between 225-300 mm
  • The width between the ladder flights shall be 400 - 600 mm
  • The tread walking surface of the rungs shall be flat and at least ≥ 20 mm




GRP-Vertical ladder

UseType Width in mm
Ladder holm Square tube  VR60x60x5   
Bar profile Square tube LSP30x30x3  
Back protective ring Flat profile RB80x720x8  
U-Profile f. Back protection U-Profile U50x20x5  
Wall mount Angle L220x100x15  


The field of application of GRP vertical ladders is very variously - they are used in the following sectors:

  • Industrial plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and textile industry
  • Power plants
  • Petroleum plants
  • Substations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Waterworks