Perforated metal plank Type BN-O33 / O33vi

The perforated metal planks, type BN-O33 “Noppe, offen” combines top and bottom pressed nubs with a hole diameter of 8 mm: This provides excellent stability and drain holes for a good drainage effect.

In combination with the profile BN-O33vi for steps with vi-nosing or the closed profile BN-G33 it results in many applications and variations. 

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Steel S235JR:   2,0 mm, 2,5 mm

Stainless Steel:   1,5 mm, 2,0 mm

Aluminium: 2,0 mm, 2,5 mm

Surface treatment 

Steel:   untreated, hot-dip galvanized, pre-galvanized

Stainless Steel:   untreated, pickled

Aluminium:   untreated, pickled, anodized

Free cross section max. ~ 5,0%

150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 330 mm

(other widths on request)


30 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm

(corresponding to width and statical specification; other widths on request)

Ball proof Ø 10 mm (a Ø 10 mm ball don´t fall through / 10 mm ball proof)
Serration R11 / V10 (Steel, hot-dip galvanized IFA 1504066)
Longitudinal grid 133,33 mm (66,66 mm)
Production lenght  max. 10 m, depending on transport limietd

With perforated metal planks, type BN-O33vi “Noppe, offen, vi-nosing” is designed for stair treads and a perfect complement for types BN-O33 and BN-G33. The combination of top and bottom pressed nubs with a hole diameter of 8 mm provides excellent stability and drainage holes for a good drainage effect. Due to the vi-nosing is a tactile and optical recognition function given and the attachment of an additional welded nosing can be omitted.

Possible widths: 240 mm, 270 mm, 300 mm, 330 mm, 360 mm (other widths on request)

blechprofilrost bno33 1


Screw connection No. 29 


Element butt fixing No. 27


Direct screw connection No. 26


Clamping claw No. 34


Butt joint No. 24

B21 1

Clamp fastening No. 21

B22 B23

Hook screw fixing No. 22


Angle fixing No. 30


Butt strap No. 31