Combi deck

Combi decks are gratings with on top welded chequer plates. They combine ideally the advantages of both products. Chequer plates combine a closed surface with a slip-resistant effect. Gratings, on the other hand, have a high load capacity with a low tare weight.  

Lichtgitter-Combi deck is used for the industrial sector, e.g. chemical/petrochemical industry, power plants and cement industry as well as for bulk material and offshore applications.

kombiroste 1
kombiroste 2 kombiroste 3


  • Bridge-over of large spans at relatively low net weight
  • Easy assembly of the fixings 
  • Increase of the clear span by 30 % 
  • Elaboration of verifiable statical calculations for walkable and accessible coverings (due to the high loading capacity of combi-decks special loads are possible) 
  • Lichtgitter Combi-Deck can be produced in every height, so that a possible difference in height with neighboring floorings can be avoided. 
  • Saving of secondary carrier and lower dimensioning of the primary steel construction

Plates: Kombirost Skizze

- Chequer plates or plain sheet, Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

- Standard-Thickness: 3/5 mm, 5/7 mm, 6/8 mm



untreated, galvanized, verzinkt or coated



Chequer plates according to DIN 59220 in steel, galvanized = Serration Class R11.

Weight comparison of the productsWeight comparison of the productschequer plates and combi deck inrelation to the respective span.Gewichtsvergleich

Basis of the calculation:

Combi deck: Accessibility acc. to EN ISO 14122 - 1,5 kN to 200 x 200 mm, deflection 4 mm

Chequer plate: applied system, without reinforcement ribs 5kN/sqm; deflection l/200 



B433K Kombirost

Fixing material B433T 

B133T kombirost

Fixing material B133 T (not premounted)

TB13441K kombirost

Fixing material TB13441K

XOK133 kombirost

Top clamp XOK 133