Steel Service

The obvious ideas often are the best ones. It makes sense that a company that has been dealing with rolled steel, slit strips and profiled strips as part of the production of gratings for decades, also offers the corresponding semi-finished products of other companies. The prerequisites could hardly be better.

We store up to 10,000 tonnes of semi-finished products in heated halls. Approximately 100,000 tonnes of steel are processed every year. 

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Thanks to our high quality slitting plant, it is possible to process the various widths, surfaces and qualities. We constantly ensure that our stock is equipped with a wide range of sizes so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to your wishes. Of course we do also do contract slitting according to your specifications.

Surface unpickled, pickled, galvanized
Strength 1,5 mm - 6 mm
Coil weight max. 30 t
Coil internal diameter min. 508 mm/max. 863 mm
Coil external diameter max. 2.090 mm
Coil width min. 400 mm
Coil width max. 1.580 mm (inklusive mill edge)


Strip width  19 mm - 1.524 mm
Coil internal diameter (RID) 508 mm + 610 mm
Coil external diameter (RAD) 1.840 mm maximal


To complete our versatile portfolio in the area of the steel service, we also offer slit strips in bars. True, to the motto "Everything is possible", you can specify which quality your slit strips should have. Due to our many production facilities, we can offer you the cut-to-length bars in different variants.

Whether with cut or rounded off edge, with diverse punching in different shapes and sizes, we carry out your wishes.  

Thickness 1,5 mm - 6 mm
Width 20 mm - 200 mm
Edges cut or rounded
Lengths up to 6.000 mm (other lengths on request)
Punching of holes such as round and longitudinal


Our machinery also has a rolling mill for cold rolling of wire rods, which allows us to respond quickly to different customer requirements. Wire rods with diameters between 6.5 and 8 mm, for example, are especially well suited to achieve a flat wire with rounded edges from 9 x 1.5 mm to 10 x 2.0 mm. We produce flat wire in smooth and slip-resistant design. 

Inner diameter 400 mm
max. external diameter 1.000 mm
Width 250 mm
Weight per roll up to 1.000 kgs


Inspection document: 

Our laboratory determines the mechanical and chemical properties of materials for you upon request. This includes the tensile test according to DIN EN 10002.

  • Tensile strength Rm [Nm2]
  • Yield strength ReH [Nm2]
  • Elongation at break A [%]


We offer different types of packaging for slit strip and bars. In cooperation with you, we determine your package size, weight and packaging requirements prior to production..