As a family company with traditional values, our environmental responsibility is on a level with values ​​such as reliability, durability, partnership, personal contact and consistently high quality.


Environmental protection and sustainability are a very high priority for us. Four examples illustrate what we mean:

Use of recyclable materials
The material steel can be completely recycled even after decades of use.

Complete enclosure of the pre-treatment electrolyte lines and galvanizing kettle
The emission-related processes in our galvanizing plant are connected contiguously and operated in a permanent vacuum. In addition to effective cleaning of the exhaust air which is achieved by the most modern exhaust air washers and exceeds the current specifications in accordance with TA-air- and the permit decision by more than 90%. This provides the best possible protection against emissions for the environment.

Continuous preparation of the flux bath
The flux used in the pretreatment for galvanizing is regenerated continuously. Thus, the quality of the flux can be maintained at a consistently high level. This means, among other things, that the dangerous goods for processing flux can be avoided and significant CO2 savings achieved.

Consistent heat recovery
Compared to conventional galvanizing plants, the consistent use of the hot furnace exhaust gases for the heating of the pretreatment baths saves natural gas and avoids CO2 emissions of approximately 1,000 tons per year. The energy efficiency is up to 96%.