Service and Complaint

To us service means "Everything for the client". In other words, we continuously focus on our clients` requirements on every job and in all details. Positive and reliable experiences regarding the quality of our products, reliablity, delivery and the competence of the contact person are the crucial aspects for our clients. To ensure the quality, our products are manufactured in constant compliance with standards and regulations.

The results

  • Problem-solving know-how
  • Handling major projects from the bidding phase through installation
  • Handling architecturally ambitious projects
  • Our own testing facilities used for structural validation
  • On-going quality control and process optimization 
  • Co-operation with national and international trade mark associations to dtermine standards and instructions

 It is our target to receive a zero error rate for our products and to offer a first class service. But mistakes can happen at anytime and anywhere. If there is a complaint, please be sure that we will response quickly and help you to find a good solution.  

Our team will be happy to assist you.