Forge-welded gratings with round cross bars

In individual cases, it may be advantageous that the cross bar is not twisted as in the standard version, but is used in round design. For these applications, specially shaped round bars are homogeneously pressed into the bearing bars and welded.

The use of round bars reduces the adhesive or sliding friction so that a desired "sliding" is created. Such special gratings are found, e.g. in shelving systems, on park benches or in façade applications.

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schweisspressrost rund 1 schweisspressrost rund 1


  • Absorption of high horizontal forces by pressing and welding of all intersection points 
  • High resistance
  • High bearing capacity, because bearing bars are not weakened by welding of cross bars
  • Good torsional rigidity even with subsequently introduced cut-outs - maintenance of the homogeneous unit 

All characteistics can be combined. Please contact us to check the producibility of the gratings. Our sales department is always at your disposal.

If a serration class > R10 is required, the bearing bars of the gratings can be punched on the upper side in a special process. 

Bearing bar pitch       Cross bar pitch 
16,66 mm

18,40 mm
21,64 mm 19,00 mm
23,69 mm 23,40 mm
24,85 mm 24,00 mm
30,16 mm 38,10 mm
33,17 mm 50,80 mm
34,33 mm 76,20 mm
41,46 mm 101,60 mm


Bearing bar thickness       Bearing bar height 
2 mm   25 mm
3 mm 30 mm
4 mm 40 mm
5 mm 45 mm
  50 mm

Fixing material B334 / B351K

Threaded bolt fixing B433T

Welded bolt fixing B533K

Clamp upper part XOK133

Fixing with perforated plates B270

Standard fixing material B133T and B133K

Hook bolt fixing B733T and B733K

Hook bolt fixing B833T and B833K

Double clamp fixing B933T and B933K

Plastic locking ring

Safety hook / Fixing B11

Sicherungskette / Befestigungsmaterial B12.1

Socket spanner lock / Fixing B13

Special socket spanner B14

Hinge B15

Forge-welded gratings
Forge-welded gratings
Forge-welded gratings with round cross bars
Forge-welded gratings with round cross bars