Lichtgitter was the first company in the world, which have received for GRP-gratings the so called "Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung" with general type approval. Now one year later we receive the EBA approval including an external monitoring certificate. 

Lichtgitter 7341 EBA Zeichen

The railway sector has special requirements for the products and the suppliers. Products made of glass fiber reinforced plastic are becoming more important, because they are waether and corrision-resistant as well as non-conductive and serrated.

Lichtgitter GRP-Gratings are EBA approved and certified according to DBS 918 010 and can be supplied to "Deutsche Bahn".

And this even includes an external monitoring certificate and a certificate of conformity! - Because an EBA approval is only completely valid if it is accompanied by a certified external inspection in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and a certificate of conformity.   

Certificate EBA-approval-German 

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