DNV-Tipo omologazione per i grigliati Lichtgitter PRFV con ISO-Matrix.   

Continuiamo ad espandere le nostre competenze nei settori marittimo e offshore e siamo lieti di annunciare un'altra omologazione per i nostri grigliati in PRFV.

Finally we have our own DNV-Type-Approval for almost all our Iso-Resin types. 

This certification is often requested, when moulded GRP-Gratings will be used for ships or other maritime and offshore applications. Many shipping companies like to use GRP gratings on offshore vessels, for example, due to their high corrosion resistance and slip resistance. Now we can prove that our GRP gratings meet the requirements regarding fire behavior and chemical resistance and can therefore be used for example on ships. Lichtgitter the only company that has an approval for nearly all GRP grating types. For the DNV-GL certification we also will be monitored by a third party testing agency in the same way like for the abZ (general type approval). The new approval is a further step forward of Lichtgitter to established certified high quality gratings in the market.  

DNV Type Approval


If you have any questions regarding this approval, please contact Stefan Schrag (Tel.: +49 2563 911-236, stefan.schrag@lichtgitter.com ).