Type LG Special

Type LG Special

We manufacture the spiral staircases, type LG in a hot-dip galvanized version according to DIN EN ISO 1461. This version of the staircase is characterised by the flexibility in height and diameter. This construction is used, among other things, as an escape staircase in multi-storey buildings, as platform access in industrial construction, as well as in the private sector. In this version, you can choose between various tread and railing designs. Optionally, you can prevent unauthorised entering of the staircase outside through the use of a protective cage.


  • Sleeve technology
  • Easy installation
  • Short delivery times
  • Different versions of treads can be selected
  • Different versions of railings can be selected
  • Individual landing forms
  • Protection cage possible
  • Technical details
    • The stair type LG Special is made up to a diameter of 3000 mm. The footplates can be designed either with different gratings, perforated metal planks or chequer plates. In this design, stair treads and landings are pushed over the stand pipe with pipe sleeves and than fastened via the railing. The railings can be produced in different versions. The railing height is 1100 mm from a fall height of 12 m according to DIN 18065.

      - Hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461

      - Production according to EN 1090

      - Treads and landings with non-slip nosing

      - Load 3.0 kN/m2 and 2.0 kN/m² single load according to DIN 1055-8, category T1 and emergency stairs 5.0 kN/m2 category T2

  • Stairtread designs
    • Stairtread P Mesh 33/33 mm
    • Stairtread of Pressure-locked grating
      Mesh 33/33 mm

    • Stairtread XP Mesh 33/33 mm, anti-slip
    • Stairtread of Pressure-locked-gratings
      Mesh 33/33 mm,

    • Stairtread XP Mesh 33/11 mm, anti-slip
    • Stairtread of Pressure-locked gratings
      Mesh 33/11 mm,

    • Stairtread SP Mesh 34/38 mm
    • Stairtread of Forge-welded gratings
      Mesh 34/38 mm

    • Stairtread Type BN-O
    • Stairtread Type BN-O
      Type BN-O

    • Stairtread Type BN-G
    • Stairtread Type BN-G
      Type BN-G

    • Stairtread of chequer plates
    • Stairtread of Chequer plate

  • Railing designs
    • Railing 1.0
      • Handrail and vertical rods made of piping
      • Clear distance 120 mm 
    • Railing 1.1
      • like 1.0, but with additional children's handrail of piping
    • Railing 1.2
      • like 1.0, but with additional screwed on stainless steel handrail
    • Railing 2.0
      • Handrail, lower balustrade and vertical railing stanchions made of piping
      • Railing filling of round bars
    • Railing 3.0
      • Handrail, centre balustrade and vertical railing stanchions made of piping
    • Railing 4.0
      • Handrail of piping, railing stanchions made of flat material
      • revolving balustrade of round bars


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