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True to the motto "Everything from a single source", Lichtgitter has expanded the Sales by various fibreglass-reinforced GRP products thus reinforcing its leading position as a manufacturer and supplier of floor coverings. The versatility of GRP products in almost every industry make this expansion interesting.

  • GRP components
    • The components resin, fibreglass, additives and dyes are the basis of the composite GRP, which is very versatile in its form and practicability.

    • Resin
    • The resin used determines the chemical resistance, flexibility and UV resistance of the GRP product. Depending on the application, different types of resins are used. GRP products can be made from orthophthalic resin, isophthalic and vinyl ester resin (with extremely high chemical load), whereby Lichtgitter uses isophthalic resin as standard. The special feature of the phenolic resin is the good fire resistance and very low smoke production.

    • Glass fibres
    • As reinforcement, continuous glass filaments are woven in a plurality of layers.

    • Additives
    • Additives such as flame retardants, hardeners, accelerators and UV stabilisers are further components.

    • Dyes
    • The standard colour of the Lichtgitter GRP gratings is grey, similar to RAL 7035. Colour pigments allow colouring of the GRP product. This results in architectural design options or warning and signal designations.


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