Gratings with welded on chequer plate ideally combine the advantages of both products, gratings and chequer plates. In addition to our chequer plate blanks including countersunk holes, other processing and complete technical documentation, great spans can now also be bridged with relatively low weight through this combination and this with only four sufficient fastening points.


  • Bridging of large spans - reduction on substructure
  • Light weight – thus fastening benefits and significant economic benefits
  • Closed, slip-resistant and hard-wearing surface (rating group: R11)
  • Only four fastening points are sufficient
  • No risk of waste (slice) - we take care of that
  • Individual definition and production of grating height possible - no tripping edges
  • Lettering and positioning is done according to your specifications
  • Preparation of verifable static calculations
  • Preparation of layout plans and technical documentation, project assistance as well as static support
  • No interface problems - Everything from one source
  • Tolerances according to RAL GZ 638! This guarantees a high degree of size accuracy
  • Weight comparison
    • The figure shows the weight development based on the respective span of the products chequer plate (without stiffening panels, screwed) and the combination gratings with welded on chequer plate.

  • Fixing material
    • Fixing material B133T and B133K
    • Consisting of:

      • Clamp upper part or round plate top
      • Clamping lower part
      • Bolt, nut and plastic locking ring
      This attachment is also available in stainless steel; Order no. B 132 K. Bolt length at least grating height plus 30 mm.

      This fastening material can be mounted from above from a mesh spacing of 33 mm and is - if desired - available with raised sill flap. Under the provisions of BG, only permitted if an additional on-site security against shifting is present.
    • Fixing material B433T
    • Consisting of:

      • Round plate with firmly connected threaded sleeve made of brass or aluminium
      • Setting bolts.
      This fastening unit is also fully available in stainless steel.

      This fastening material prevents a slippage of the grating from the substructure even when the bolt is loosened and can be mounted from above. This fastening fits mesh spacing ranging from approximately 25 to 40 mm.
    • Clamp upper part XOK133
    • Consisting of:

      • Clamp upper part XOK 133 as an individual part for a direct mount
      As a connecting element on site, metric or self-tapping screws are to be used 
    • Fixing material TB13441K (Halfen)
    • Consisting of:

      • Clamp upper part XOK13441
      • Clamp lower part XU133
      • HALFEN screw M8x50mm 


      Fixing material for a reversed forge-welded grating; a large field of applications (Hiding cables, etc.)

      mountable only from below; no bore holes from above 


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