LICHTGITTER - Suspended Ceilings
The economically optimal solution

Lichtgitter suspended ceilings are used when working on several superimposed levels. According to DIN EN ISO 14122-2, it must be ensured that flooring with underlying workspaces have openings in which a ball with a diameter of 20 mm may not fall through. To meet this requirement, special grating and perforated metal plank versions have been developed. These designs ensure an optimal sprinkler capability, are light and air permeable and have high slip resistance through the large open cross section.

Especially in areas where, due to the substructure, large spans have to be bridged, Lichtgitter perforated metal planks (e.g. BZ-G version) provide an almost optimal, economically attractive solution. In addition to this application, suspended ceilings in the lamellar grid design (diagonally inserted crossbars) provide an effective privacy screen.


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