Quality prevails

The use of pressure-locked gratings as railing fillings has been used for decades as an architectural feature to lend a railing an open and geometrically balanced and high-quality look. The loads occurring in such a railing be absorbed via by a handrail and railing posts and diverted into the substructure. The railing filling itself does not represent a load-bearing component in such a design and serves only as "fall through protection" and an architectural design element. 

In addition to this option, it is also possible that a pressure-locked grating can be connected self-supporting to the substructure. This means that no additional posts are needed to divert the loads occurring at a railing. In the connection area, an additional flat material is welded across diagonally over the pressed-locked grating and supplied with holes so that they can be connected directly to the building structure. This type of design gives the railing a completely new "look". Architecturally, unexpected accents can be highlighted using a wide range of mesh spacing, materials and coatings.