LICHTGITTER - Floor Coverings
So that you can stand safely

Lichtgitter GmbH was founded in 1929 by a British entrepreneur as the first company that industrially produced gratings. He had the idea to develop floor coverings that let light and air through.

In the meantime - true to the motto "Lichtgitter - everything from one source" - the portfolio has been expanded by perforated metal planks, a versatile range of GRP products, chequer plate blanks and stair treads in addition to the production of gratings.

Due to the many options in the choice of bearing bars, the selection of mesh spacing and the material as well as the surface treatment, almost infinite variations are possible. The same applies also to perforated metal planks - here we offer a wide range of different surface profiles. There are virtually no limits to the usage of Lichtgitter flooring products - whether in the industrial sector as landings, platforms or walkways in facilities of all kinds or as an architectural highlight.